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Youth Sports Products

The youth sports segment of G&B provides youth league hockey, baseball, softball, basketball, football, and skating club memories through the years. The products are unique and colorful. Special graphics are made to personalize all products. Choose from game day tickets, magazine covers, trader cards, key fobs, picture magnets, and custom digital memory mates. Ask for our picture day coordinator’s kit to assist in making your league picture day a huge success.

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Item #35
16x20 Individual Poster



Item #34
10x13 Individual Photo



Item #16
8x10 Individual Photo



Item #32
8x10 Black & White Individual Photo




Item #33
8x10 Photo on Metallic Paper

NEW! Your pictures will have a sparkly appearance like a fine paint job. The results are truly striking!



Item #12
2 - 5x7 Individual Photos



Item #22
4 - 3x5 Individual Photos



Item #13
8 Individual Wallets



Item #36
All Access Badge

Measures 3x4 and includes lanyard



Item #18
Player Calendar

Measures 8x10



Item #37
Team Calendar

Measures 8x10



Item #38
Event Ticket

Measure 2x8

5 for $15.95


Item #39
Key Fobs

3 for $7.95


Item #17
Magazine Cover

Measures 8x10



Item #14

Measure 3.5x5

2 for $14.95


Memory Mate

Item #63
8x10 - $16.95

Item #64
10x14 - $23.95


Item #19
Mouse Pad



Item #62
Player Poster

Measures 8x16



Item #65
Team Poster

Measures 36x24



Team Photo

Item #57
5x7 - $9.95

Item #66
8x10 - $14.95

Item #54
10x14 - $19.95


Item #53
Trading Cards

include athlete information

8 for $16.95


Item #25
Bag Tags

Perfect for luggage, briefcases, laptop bags and backpacks. Full color bag tags made from durable plastic to withstand everyday use.

2 for $15.00


Item #24
Dog Tags with Lanyards

Our ID tag offers a combination of quality and value! The 1.125"x2" aluminum tag has your image on it. Comes complete with a 30" bead chain with jump ring.

2 for $15.00


Item #23
Hi-Rez Image on CD

Your image on CD with copyright release. Great for Facebook, email and making your own prints!



Item #67
8x10 Wood Plaque

This value plaque includes a 7x9 metallic print mounted to an 8x10 cherry wood surface and is protected by a clear lucite top.



Item #27
White Tote with Black Stripes

This striking shopping tote with pocket and black strap handles is made from bright white polyester. Use it for groceries or take it to the beach!



Item #28
Car Flag

Customize this car flag with your image! The flag measures 11"x15." A sturdy plastic flagpole attaches the flag to any car window.



Item #68
Stainless Steel Mug

These travel mugs are the best quality. There isn't a better way to remember a loved one than looking at them over a hot cup of coffee!



Item #29
11oz Photo Mug



Item #69
Aluminum Water Bottle

This water bottle is made from a high quality aluminum and includes your image wrapped on it!



Item #72
Sticky Note Holder

This mahogany sticky note holder is a perfect gift for family, friends and home decor alike. The mahogany finished wood holder comes with your picture professionally fit into the holder. Sticky notes in sizes 2"x2" and 3"x3" fit best. Sticky notes are not included.



Item #73
Larger Than Life Peel-N-Stick Wall Photo

Measures 5'x3'



Item #42
Photo T-Shirt

Sizes: Adult Small - XXL



Item #43
Pullover Sweatshirt

Sizes: Adult Small - XXL



Item #44



Item #45
Photo Neck Tie



Item #46
Photo Hand Bag



Item #47
Photo Cutting Board

Measures 11"x7"x5/32"



Item #48
Photo Coasters



Item #49
Metal Keyhook Picture Frame



Item #74
Photo Puzzle

Measures 10"x14"



Item #55
Nickel Finish Photo Keychain



Item #56
Photo Clipboard

Measures 9" x 12.5"



Item #58
Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Measures 8x10



Item #59
Color Throw Blanket

Measures 52"x70"



Item #76
Black & White Blanket

Measures 40"x60"